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Our experienced and stable team of high-conviction fundamental stock analysts is led by Jeff Fischer, who has been investing long/short for more than 25 years. In all respects, we strive to provide an outstanding client experience for those investors who have entrusted us to manage their capital.

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Staying off Wall Street gives us a different perspective.

We don’t believe in sacred cows, or chase fads. Our team understands that there are layers of complexity in any given situation, and we invest with humility. We believe that making choices based on our convictions with a long-term roadmap in mind allows for confidence during turbulent markets.


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A “Foolish” approach: from Shakespeare to 1623 Capital.

1623 Capital® is an investment management subsidiary of The Motley Fool Holdings, Inc., which owns a leading global group of financial media companies that offer a range of subscription-based investment publications.

Our name alludes to the year that Shakespeare’s First Folio was published — 1623 — bringing to the world and preserving for history 18 of his unpublished plays, including As You Like It, the play from which The Motley Fool gets its name.

The First Folio was published by a group of Shakespeare’s friends who recognized, shortly after The Bard’s death, that his plays were being lost.

Through determination, ingenuity, and foresight, this band of regular people scraped together the considerable sum of money to publish 900 pages of timeless literature during an age when most people couldn’t read. The name 1623 Capital pays homage to that story.

Finally, the 1623 Capital team is aiming to bring the signature “Foolish” style—irreverent, plainspoken, honest—to investors. As befits our parent company’s purpose statement, our goal is to make investors smarter, happier, and richer.

Working to make investors smarter, happier, and richer.

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We’ve built an experienced and stable investment team, starting with CIO and Portfolio Manager Jeff Fischer, who has been actively investing long/short since 1996. Based in Alexandria, Va., we pride ourselves on being independent systems thinkers utilizing a disciplined and principled approach to investing — and our aim is to be client-first in what we do each day.

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