Two distinct funds with a unified, focused approach.

With a track record going back nearly 15 years, Jeff Fischer’s Pro strategy has weathered multiple market environments. Find out if you’re eligible to invest in Jeff’s long/short strategy below.

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One strategy, two funds.

The Pro Fund strategy can accommodate different kinds of qualified investors and different types of account types (individual, joint, entity, IRA, and more). The flagship Pro Fund requires all U.S. investors to meet the Qualified Purchaser threshold to participate, while investors in the Pro Fund II need only meet the lower Qualified Client threshold.

(Please note that our investments and strategies, including short selling, may not be suitable for all investors. Our funds are speculative and may use leverage and as a result their returns may be volatile. We encourage you to read up on specific risks and conflicts of interest in our fund offering documents!)

1623 Pro Fund

Open to U.S. and non-U.S. investors

Open to Accredited Investors who are also Qualified Purchasers

1623 Pro Fund II

Open to 100 U.S. investors only

Open to Accredited Investors who are also Qualified Clients

Pro strategy overview.

The 1623 Pro strategy is a high-conviction discretionary long-short equity strategy that has been run by Jeff Fischer since 2008. Jeff and his team take a comprehensive approach to building a portfolio, using four key pillars:

  • Low-turnover longs
  • Single-name shorts
  • Options strategies
  • Market hedges

We are independent, fundamentals-focused investors who believe in a long-term, high-conviction approach.

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    Learn from history

    We are students of business and the markets, but in a fast-changing world, we seek to remain open-minded and adaptable.

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    Identify strong companies

    We look for businesses that we believe have aligned leadership teams, appealing valuations, and the potential to deliver consistent value to all stakeholders. 

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    Invest with an ownership mindset

    We approach investing with the mindset of a business owner, carefully researching each investment opportunity and taking responsibility for each decision we make.

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